JADE WRITING  (Yellow Court Classic)

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Living the Change

Everything changes, only the change is eternal. The Universe always supports change towards higher possibilities (maximizing entropy), at any level of existence.

Taoist adepts, along with other sages have been utilizing the laws that regulate external and internal cycles of change for a very long time. “Zhen Ren” or “True Human”, a central subject of “Yellow Court Classic” and “Jade Writing” embodies the continuous cultivation by “Breathing the Truth”, through her or his first-hand experience of the spiritual reality along with the unique personal participation in its enhancement.

Etymology of the words Jedi and Jade

It was recorded that George Lucas coined the term Jedi from the words "jidai geki", meaning in Japanese "era films" (indicating Samurai films). At the deeper level (the hidden principles that were awaken by GL's insight and action), word "Jidai" is comprised of particles "Ji" (time in Japanese, as in "Ima nan-ji?" - "what is the time?") and Dai ("Circular", "Revolving", as in "Dai Mai" - Acupuncture Belt Channel).

While the Japanese Samurai tradition certainly influenced George Lucas, the background of the Jedi saga, that happened "long, long time ago in the galaxy far, far away". seems also to be related to the myths of much older, Chinese Taoist tradition.

In Taoism, the concept of all-presence is symbolically related to the "Jade" (pinyin: "Yu", indicating continuity, virtuous pursuit, work for the Great Oneness) mineral and its various forms used in art and magic.

Yu Di or "Jade Emperor" was the mythical warrior who conquered the forces of evil, after the long war of white magic against dark magic, millions of years ago.

Yang Jian or "Jade Warrior" (also known as Erlang Shen), was the main vanguard in the war where the forces of the new-forming Zhou dynasty (longest lasting Chinese dynasty) replaced the corrupted rule of the last king of the previous Shang Dynasty, following "Mandate of Heaven", over thousand years B.C.

"Jade Writing", or "Yellow Court Classic" is an ancient alchemy text that explains cultivation of the continual flow of the "transcending change" within the practitioner's body, that is used to "dispense thousand troubles and heal hundred diseases, become immune even to fierceness of a tiger and cruelty of wolves and capable to refuse the aging forever" and seems very similar to the concept of Jedi "Force".

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