JADE WRITING  (Yellow Court Classic)

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"Yellow Court" in Taoist Alchemy symbolizes Macro-cosmos, holographically centered in a Micro-cosmos (as human existence, body or Dan Tian, "Elixir Field" - gravity and geometry center of the body). Golden-yellow color, from the middle (Zhong) of light spectrum is associated to a physical world and the Earth Element (represented by Spleen in the body), while blue and purple are related to the Universe, Greatness (Tai) and Spirit. "Jade Writing" indicates manifestation of the Macrocosmic (Heavenly, Spiritual) principles on Earth (starting from the own body). Through the embodiment of the Universal, Heavenly Virtues and Intents, a practitioner gradually elevates his or her unique soul to the Heaven (as in term "Elevated Man" of "Yi Jing"). This process of Internal Alchemy doesn't rely on society, environment or any external ingredients (according to Jade Emperor's "Mind Sealing Classic", Elixir of Immortality is fully in ourselves, very subtle and neither physical nor intelectual). Transformations start and end (in every cycle) in Oneself, through Oneself, by Oneself. The Alchemy (Divine Chemistry) is an internal Symmetry of the Spiritual Beings, that preserves their awareness and identity through all changes of the temporal world.

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The present book is the first full English translation and commentary of the famous Chinese Internal Alchemy manuscript from the third century: "Yellow Court Classic", or "Jade Writing". The manuscript has been introduced by one of the founders of the "Highest Purity" school of Taoism, lady Wei Huicun, who has received it, according to a legend, from a Divine Source..The text has been intensively used in Taoist Alchemy from that time, by many well-respected practitioners, including Lu Dong Bin (one of the Chinese Eight Immortals, featured on the book cover at the left) who mentions it in his classical masterpiece "The Secret of the Golden Flower" (that has been translated and commented by Richard Wilhelm and Carl Gustav Jung).

The translation in the current book is presented side by side to a Chinese original (Simplified Chinese version) that includes pinyin romanization and literal word by word translation, to enable thorough study by advanced practitioners. The photos of the authentic fourth century plates (in Traditional Chinese), from an ancient Caligraphy Master, are also provided as a reference, in the book Appendix. The ancient text provides detail meditation and visualization instructions, and should be, according to a Taoist lore, recited by the practitioner (original Chinese verses have a beautiful melody) until understood and integrated thoroughly, at all levels. Adept practitioner should, in time, develop a deep understanding of the own physical and mental functions and abilities to correct and raise them to a higher perfection, or according to the text: “dispense thousand troubles and heal hundred diseases, become immune even to fierceness of a tiger and cruelty of wolves and capable to refuse the aging forever”.

Translation and commentary of the text, developed for the purpose of personal practice, are very contemporary and directed towards philosophical understanding and practical use in modern times, rather than religious, historical or esthetical aspects of the manuscript. The core object of research was a path towards the accomplishment of a true Human Place in the Nature and the health and longevity that were once known by the ancient Taoist adepts. To present an unbiased, multi-dimensional and objective picture, an attempt has been made to explain the principles of development of the Individual potentials, using dynamically varying perspective (from a point of view of different knowedge systems) and expression mechanisms, including modern mathematics, physics, system theory and creative design patterns.

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